About Us

Everyday Wealth is a boutique financial planning practice located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Everyday wealth was established in 2022 and is owned and directed by Ryan O’Grady, alongside his team. 

Meet Ryan

As a financial planner, Ryan is passionate about assisting and educating his clients across all aspects of their financial decision-making. Ryan believes this is achieved through firstly understanding his clients’ goals and motivations, taking the time to research and develop appropriate strategies to match those goals and finally, implementing and reviewing the strategies in place. 

At Everyday Wealth, the main goal is to take the hassle and frustration away from clients when dealing with financial decisions. We’re here to do the hard work for you so you can concentrate on the important and enjoyable things in life. 

Outside of work, Ryan enjoys surfing, personal fitness, playing Gridiron, and spending time with his partner Lucy and daughter Billie. Ryan is a sports enthusiast and especially enjoys watching Rugby League, American Football, and Basketball for which he is a die-hard Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat supporter.

Meet Will

As a dedicated associate, Will maintains an enthusiasm for continual learning. Driven by a genuine enjoyment of interacting with people, Will strives to build strong relationships with his clients at Everyday Wealth. His ability to execute tasks with efficiency and in a timely manner has earned the trust and respect of both colleagues and clients alike. 

Outside of work, Will commits himself diligently to sports, having represented New Zealand in gridiron, along with playing both rugby union and rugby league.

Meet Derrick

Derrick is in the early stages of his journey in the financial planning industry and on his way to a successful future. He is a diligent and responsible member of the team and nothing brings Derrick more joy than seeing the big smiles and satisfaction on clients’ faces at the completion stage of his work. Derrick maintains a strong work ethic and believes that the benefits of consistent hard work accumulate over time, with accrued effect becoming life-changing.

Outside of the office, Derrick enjoys working out at his local gym. In an effort to optimize his health, he spreads his hours at the gym across four different training areas: strength, Zone 2 cardio, stability, and VO2 max. 


Our Key Values

Our Key Values - Financial Planning


We prioritise fostering strong, personal relationships with our clients.

Investment Advice - Financial Planning


We believe in providing honest, tailored advice which positively benefits our clients and their goals.

Our Key Values - Financial Planning


We operate with open, regular and transparent communication and listen to our clients needs.

Aged Care - Our Key Values - Financial Planning


Our services are based on mutual understanding and respect for all involved.

We warmly welcome new clients and our door is always open.

Let us take the stress and hassle out of managing your financial goals so you can focus on the important stuff.

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